A bunch of bee-zy farmers making big Fall planting pushes through the heat!

Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

Phew! The whirlwind that is August has scooped us up and we are anticipating the shorter days of Fall that are just a month away! We had a really productive weekend and are gonna gut through the heat the next few days for harvest and look forward to the cooler weather that is on the horizon! Unfortunately the predicted rain last Friday missed the farm entirely but the good news is we were able to get the remaining 3 tons of onions into the barn to cure (for a total of 6 tons – so many onions)!

We were also able to plant over 3,600 linear ft of Fall and winter crops this weekend which feels amazing and even put up another 4 tons of hay for the cows. We have a few more “medium” sized plantings set for the next few weeks and it feels good to almost be over the August hump. (Is that you Fall?)

We’ve been keeping the pace and taking good care of each other. Finding a balance while digging deep. It’s amazing to work side by side with the one I love. Together we rise. And to quote Farmer Brian’s most recent post on instagram, “We are a perfect match and on days like this everything just feels so right. We are almost over the August hump. So close.”



The one thing that has been getting us through this crazy hot summer.. lots of water and electrolytes!

It’s gonna be an early one today in order to beat the heat of a 100* day and these crazy, heavy lifting harvests! The last two weeks of CSA the shares have weighed 35lbs for a total of close to 8,000lbs of produce harvested for all our members in just 2 weeks time. That’s a whole lot of lifting, carrying, washing, displaying etc. We pride ourselves on our health and strength but boy we’ve been feeling these extra heavy harvests of late and it helps to know just how much you’ve been enjoying them (thanks for sharing the goodness of what you’ve been whipping up in the kitchen!) 😉 We’re taking care of ourselves though and eating well (so many calories) and getting a good nights sleep. As the work days grow shorter we look forward to the recouping and respite that the change of season brings. Until then, we ride! And we’ll do it all, one day at a time.

To give a bit of perspective I thought I’d share a post that I made last Wednesday during harvest week, “I’m not going to lie. These past couple of days have been rough. High heat, high humidity and a whole lot of heavy lifting summer harvests. When I woke up yesterday I felt like I got hit by a bus. Farmers don’t get “sick days” and if they did I sure would have used it yesterday to sleep away the aches, pains and exhaustion. 
Harvesting hasn’t been easy but I made it through with a whole lot of this good stuff and with my favorite farmer who was right there next to me.. In the exhaustion, the sweat, the bountiful harvest, the heat stress… It got me thinking that Brian and I feed a lot of families each week and in 6 years we have never missed a pick up day. This week we’ve harvested over 3,800lbs for our CSA members… which is an amazing feeling (even if my back is barking). Thank you to all our members for the notes or conversations that let us know you’re thinking of us (your farmers) on these long days and appreciate all the work that goes into growing good food.

On days like this I have to dig deep but feel rewarded knowing that it’s all going to a good home where it will be enjoyed and shared among our friends, farm-ily and community. We will continue to dig deep today – our last harvest day of the week. #dirtyhandscleanhearts #workinghandsfarm



Farmer Brian kicking some farming butt in the garden this weekend… tilling, spreading compost, fertilizer, making beds…etc

p.s. A big thanks for all the Bulk Tomato and Pork Orders! We are continuing to take orders so feel free to send them our way when you’re ready!

All the best and take good care in this next heat wave!

Your farmers

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts