Hello farm friends!

Our warmest welcome to you as members of the 2012 Fall CSA!  Whether you are new to Working Hands or are already a part of our “farm-ily” we are so happy to have you aboard.  We are two farmers (Brian & Jess), one 2-acre veggie garden, 65 chickens, 50 baby chicks, 1 jersey cow (Miss Ellie) & 1 jersey calf (our 2 month old, Maribelle) who all run freely on 3 acres of pasture.  We’d be happy to introduce you to the gang and welcome you to visit us when you have a chance!  Just let us know and we’d be happy to arrange a time.

Things have surely slowed down since the height of our summer season and we welcome the change of pace.. although our bodies are reminding us now why it’s so important to take the time to take time.  Many mornings and evenings have been spent stretching, rejuvenating and recuperating from our season and getting the chance to sit back and enjoy the beauty that is all around us.  Oregon is such a beautiful place this time of the year, the leaves are changing, the gray skies make the evergreens pop and more time is spent in the warmth of the kitchen.

The change of seasons means a whole new forecast, fungus, bugs & longer (and wetter) harvest times.  Our first frost was a week or two earlier than expected, during the first week of October, but we haven’t had a frost since with temperatures only falling into the 40’s and 50’s at night.  And we are officially in the rainy season as October was a record month for rain!  The rains may bring a whole new slew of bugs but they also bring milder temperatures and when that sun finally pops back out.. let me tell you (or maybe I don’t have to) it feels glorious and we know the plants appreciate it too!

Our bounty.  Until the second week in December you will be eating seasonally from our garden.  Which means leafy greens, root crops, herbs, brassicas, winter squash and to our surprise some summer crops, like tomatoes.  Every week we will include a few recipes featuring a few items in that week’s CSA box.  There may be times where you’re unsure of the best way to use or cook your goodies which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite recipe blogs below.  Adventuring through old cookbooks or on the web is a great way to utilize all of the farm fresh goodies each week.  And if you happen to have any left over greens or kale, try your hand at Kale Chips , a simple soup or saute or maybe even a green smoothie (with a spoonful of peanut butter, Farmer Brian’s favorite!) .

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Get creative.  Everything in the box was picked just hours before it reaches your home.  Be inspired.  Cook meals with family, friends and just for you.  Find solitude in the kitchen, share it with others… it’s one of our favorite places to be.  Do something zany like making Beet Brownies!  Don’t fear being too wholesome or earthy because you are having fun.  You know exactly where most of your food came from and who grew it and that’s empowering!   And please feel free to share what you might find and discover along the way.  Us farmers are inspired by our members journeys everyday.

Crates, cartons & jars.  Our setup is simple around the farm  in order to be efficient (as it’s just the two of us) and we try to make it just as easy for our members.  At the beginning of the season we build our farm crates and for 20+ weeks we pack them full of bounty.  Each week, members return or leave them out the morning of home delivery – exchanging an empty crate for a full one – not a bad deal.  We also reuse the egg cartons, as well as our 1/2 gallon milk jars, so feel free to leave them in your crate as well.  If you forget your crate and miss a week, we will of course forgive you, but just know it makes these 2 farmers harvest days a lot easier to have what we need!  Many thanks in advance and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Farm Photos 2012.  We also posted some of our photos from the 2012 season for all those wanting to revisit or see just how far we’ve come in the last year!  It’s been a blast and we look forward to seeing what the next month or so will bring.

Thanks for supporting our little farm as we couldn’t take this journey without you.  Enjoy your week and we’ll see you soon!

Your farmers,

Jess & Brian

dirty hands, clean hearts

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