Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver

Hello farm friends,

We hope everyone is enjoying the change of season and first few weeks of November.  Hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the Fall CSA, as it’s very different for our farmer bodies and minds to have a season shorter than 20 weeks.   But with a shorter season comes shorter days and we find ourselves with a bit more time to sit down, to reflect and begin brainstorming ways to make the 2013 CSA better.  We know our strengths and our limits and where we want to push and encourage ourselves just a little bit more.  It’s been inspiring to make lists, prioritize and start to turn those lists into reality.  Figuring it all out for the first time can be hard at times but we are having fun doing it and find that when we trust our hearts the possibilities are endless… and this life really is too precious not to try.

Feeling grateful.  With more time to reflect and Thanksgiving not too far away we’ve also been feeling really grateful for all the goodness we have in our lives…

Our girls.  So much has changed this year on the farm and we can’t really imagine how it was before with out all our gals.  They’ve all made such a wonderful addition to our lives and our community and are so thankful to have them here with us.  Their life here provides a circular motion on the farm, one that coincides with nature and brings everything together.  They fill our days with purpose.

And, as a side, they’ve been getting a lot of extra love and attention these days… and despite the sometimes gloomy weather are as happy and healthy as can be.  Our little chicks are growing fast and we can hardly keep them contained.  We’ve repurposed an old table into a very roomy brooder for them to stretch their wings and grow.  Ellie and Maribelle are eating plenty of fresh green grass and appear to be very healthy in their winter coats as we head into the darker days of winter.  We love them all so much.


Farm-ily, Friends & Family.  We’re so grateful for the people that inspire us day in and day out.  The light that we find in others is very much a driving force of the farm.  That hope is the thing that gives us purpose and makes us want to do our best.  Being on the farm attracts some of the most positive energy that you can find.  It helps us to all slow down, listen and enjoy each others company.  We feel so blessed that you have chosen to keep company with us and for us to share with you what we believe in with all our hearts.  Your support is always appreciated and you inspire us to continue on and grow and become better farmers and people.  So thank you so very much for that, as we’re better people knowing you all.

We’re grateful for this farm and for the love & support that we have in our lives.  We’re thankful for new opportunities and friendships.  We’re thankful that we have each other because this life, this bounty, this dream could not exist (as it does) without one or the other.

There are so many other things that we are grateful for this year and we feel that it’s important to say them out loud for all to hear (because, sometimes, saying it out loud makes it more real).  We hope that you all share what you are thankful for and have a wonderful week with family over the holiday!   *Reminder – there won’t be any delivery or pick up the week of Thanksgiving.  We will pick back up the week of the 26th for the last 3 weeks of the CSA.

Be sure to click on the slideshow for some great photos of all of our gals (both big and small).

Until then… be happy and well.

Faithfully yours,

your farmers

dirty hands, clean hearts

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